Ullastres 3
Three submerged mountains make up Els Ullastres. They are located practically in front and less than two miles from the port of Llafranc. They are numbered sequentially from one to three as we move away from the coast, with the third Ullastre being the outermost.

The peak of this Ullastre is situated about 9 meters below the surface, descending to 45 meters and even 55 meters on the outer part, facing the open sea.

It is precisely in this outer zone where there is a greater abundance of red and yellow gorgonians. Typical fish of the area, such as wrasses, sargos, and some conger eels, are also plentiful. If we are lucky, we may spot a grouper, and in the outer zone, it is possible to see barracudas.

Depth: 9m to 53m
Level: All levels
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