North of Cap de Sant Sebastià, a short distance from the shore opposite Cala de Gents or del Cau, emerges Roca del President, which among divers is known as "El Tabal," a diving spot formed by a set of aligned underwater rocks or mountains (both submerged and emergent) located half a kilometer from the coast. The upper part has a pair of peaks at depths of -21 m and -23 m, but the sandy bed surrounding them is found between -30 m (closest to the shore) and -38 m. The maximum depth is -44 m on the seaward-facing slope. The recommended dive involves circling the central rock, approximately 80 m in length and 30 m wide, with its highest point at -23 m and the deepest part at -40 m. It is a rock with some ledges, but it features an attractive, highly vertical wall on its eastern side (covered in small-sized gorgonians and coral); on the western side, there is a gentler slope dominated by coraligenic formations with numerous life-filled holes.

Highlights include schools of salps and castanets in the upper section, abundant three-tail fish along the entire wall, moray eels, scorpionfish, some groupers, deep-sea urchins, occasional slipper lobsters, and spiny lobsters...

Depth: 21 to 40 m
Level: Advanced
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