Dives related to the project Re-gorgonia't

The biosalidas are a new proposal for Triton dives, aimed at learning more about marine ecosystems.

It is a way of getting closer to the oceans and giving them value in order to take care of them.

If you are a group of 10 people or more, you can book to do a biodive!

You choose the topic that interests you the most and before entering the water an explanation is given with a power point support. It explains what organism it is, what its habitat is, how it reproduces and curiosities that may be of interest to the clients. Then an activity is prepared to be able to observe underwater what has been explained during the talk. Once the immersion has finished, what has been seen underwater and any doubts or contributions that may have arisen are discussed.
Possible bioexits:
- Nudibranchs (always)
- Corals and gorgonians (always)
- Octopus and cuttlefish (almost always)
- Mediterranean fish (always)
- Moonfish (easier during the month of June)
- Astrospartus Mediterraneus (always below 30 m)
* You can not always see the animals explained since nature is unpredictable
These talks are given by two girls who have studied marine biology and who, together with the Triton, are doing the Re-gorgonia't project.

Images of the first biosalida
During the talk...

In the Tritona...


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